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Covid & suicide: Therapy dog offers helping paw and more

Surfing therapy dog Ricochet is offering virtual canine therapy & video conferencing to all populations affected by coronavirus

No increased signs of pet illness after first dog tests positive for COVID-19

Leading medical insurance for pets provider confirms no increased signs of pet illness despite first dog testing positive for COVID-19 in the U.S.

Morris Animal Foundation launches Stop Cancer Furever campaign May 1

Morris Animal Foundation, the preeminent nonprofit leader in advancing animal health, launches its seventh annual pet cancer campaign, Stop Cancer Furever, on May 1.

Pet Psychics: Real or Scam Artists?

Pet Psychics are one of the most controversial topics in the animal world. They are also known as animal communicators.

How to spot a Puppy Scam

How much is that puppy in the window? Well, if you are browsing on the internet, that puppy may not even exist. The internet has become a driving force in our everyday life.

Coping with the loss of a pet during the pandemic

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have lost a loyal companion at some point in your life. Losing a pet can be one of the most traumatizing experiences a person can go through, in my opinion.

Morris Animal Foundation Wins Four International MarCom Awards

Morris Animal Foundation, a leader in advancing animal health, is proud to announce it received four 2019 MarCom awards, including individual Platinum and Gold winners.

Disabled Rescue Puppy Gifted New Wheelchair from Santa Paws

Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com is dedicated to helping disabled pets to get back on their feet, enjoying life and getting back to what’s important, being with their family.

Purina’s Purple Leash Project

What happens to the pets of domestic abuse survivors? This is likely a question that you have pondered about at least once before.

Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

Keep your best friend safe this season by following these cold weather pet safety tips!

Canine Hip Arthritis Trial Seeks Study Participants to Compare Proven Treatment Options

Colorado Canine Orthopedics and Rehab is conducting a trial comparing the efficacy of autologous protein solution (APS) versus hyaluronan plus corticosteroid (eg cortisone) for treating hip arthritis in dogs.

National Veterinary Technician Week October 13th-19th

From operating rooms to courtrooms, veterinary technicians help ensure animal health.

October is Pet Safety Month

We often prioritize safety for ourselves and our human family, but let’s not forget our furry (or scaly) family members.

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. The ASPCA sponsors this event to help promote the adoption of dogs in shelters across the United States.

Symptoms of Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs

Colorado is known for being one of the few states where recreational marijuana use is legal. While there are many benefits of CBD oil for dogs, it still is important to realize that you do need to keep your dog out of your stash. Marijuana Toxicity is quite common in dogs.

September is National Pet Health Insurance Month and Responsible Dog Ownership Month

81% of U.S. pet parents consider their pets to be equal members of the family.

Denver Lands 5th Spot in Top Best Cities for Renters with Pets

The search for a pet-friendly apartment is oftentimes challenging and discouraging, but when there are multiple options, the stress is reduced. With more people requesting this feature, landlords and property managers are adapting, and the number of pet-friendly apartments is going up.

Back to School with Rover

School is back in session for most and coming up for many. Getting back into the routine can take a little bit, but before you know it, your family will be handling the new school year like a well-oiled machine.

Berthoud becomes the first town in Colorado to ban sale of puppy mill dogs

Berthoud, a small town in Northern Colorado, has become the first town in our state to ban the sale of puppy mill dogs.

Canine cancer prevention vaccine study seeks participants

As part of the largest interventional canine clinical trial ever conducted, veterinarians leading the Vaccine Against Canine Cancer Study seek to enroll 800 healthy, middle-aged pet dogs to evaluate the effectiveness of a new cancer prevention vaccine.

The Bailey Project for Pets

Gateway Domestic Violence Services has entered its fourth decade of aiding domestic violence victims within the city of Aurora and Arapahoe County. Throughout the years, Gateway has offered short term shelter for domestic violence victims (primarily women and children) to escape their abusers.

Winpro Blood Protein Supplements

What if a canine health product existed that worked in days, had no side effects, could be used in conjunction with other supplements/medications, was scientifically proven, and had the endorsement of the National Animal Supplement Council? Would you think this product was too good to be true?

Results from CBD clinical trial on seizure frequency in dogs 'encouraging'

Promising, and exciting. Those are the words used by Dr. Stephanie McGrath to describe new findings from a trailblazing pilot study to assess the use of cannabidiol, or CBD, for dogs with epilepsy.

Weekend Getaway: Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is a picturesque small town located between Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. This small town is immersed with ancient history and beautiful scenery. The shops in the downtown area cater to tourists and offer products such as candy, clothing, and souvenirs. There are plenty of fun outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy. Manitou Springs has many pet-friendly activities so you can bring Fido along for the fun!

Discover the healing effects of DOG

Those of us who love our pets already know how much they better our lives. Scientific research has proven that owning a pet can improve our health and well-being. From slowing down our heart rates to preventing heart disease, allergies and depression. The Pet Effect is real.

Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings: Helpful or Harmful?

The veterinary field is rapidly progressing and we are constantly hearing of new medical techniques. As time goes on, we will continue to discover new methods of caring for our fur children.

Morris Animal Foundation Launches Stop Cancer Furever Campaign

Morris Animal Foundation, the preeminent leader in advancing animal health, will launch its sixth annual cancer campaign, Stop Cancer Furever, on May 1. The two-month campaign, which ends June 30, raises awareness of and funds for research that will lead to new understandings about how to prevent, diagnose earlier and treat animal cancers.

Pet Poison Resources

If you suspect that your dog has ingested a toxic substance, your veterinarian will likely recommend you call Pet Poison Control in addition to bringing them in for treatment.

Denver Offers Endless Opportunities to Get Outside with Your Dog

Denver, Colorado, the “Mile High City” tagged as the “gateway to the Rockies”, provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog. Denver is home to numerous pet friendly out door spaces and venues, making it one of the nation’s best cities for animal lovers.

New Dog Friendly High-Rise Emerges in Denver's Golden Triangle Neighborhood

Offering unparalleled luxury amenities, direct access to museums, walking and bike trails, and spectacular views, the mixed-use community will also feature 12,000 square feet of ground floor retail, housing at least three retailers.

Focus on Health: Canine Leptospirosis

Lepto is a bacteria that can infect the kidneys and vital organs of dogs, humans and other mammals.

Household items you can donate to Animal Shelters and Veterinary Clinics

We always recommend contacting the shelter or veterinary clinic you want to donate items to BEFORE you bring them in.

Household Toxins

If you believe your pet has ingested any of these toxins, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs

In the last 25 years, the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana has been a highly controversial topic. Recently, several states have allowed the medicinal use of marijuana under certain circumstances and, in 2012, Colorado and Washington state decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

Therapeutic Laser

As a veterinary surgeon, there are very few patients that I see that could not benefit from a reduction in pain, lessening of inflammation, and increased speed of wound healing. In many situations, finding a safe AND effective solution is not easy.

Favorite Watering Holes

Swimming is a great way for dogs to burn off extra energy and calories. There are many wonderful places you can take your dog for a swim in Colorado.

A License Plate That Save Lives!

Excited animal lovers across the state were in line to purchase the new Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet license plate when Colorado Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices opened their doors on January 3, 2011.

Prevent Pet Suffocation

Losing my beautiful dog Blue is what inspired me to start “Prevent Pet Suffocation”, a website and Facebook page dedicated to educating the public on the suffocation risks our pets face from chip bags and other food packaging.

Obesity in Dogs

Recent figures from American veterinary hospitals calculate that anywhere from 35 to 40% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese. Dogs are classified as “overweight” when their body weight is more than 15% above their optimal weight and “obese” when they reach 30% above their optimal condition.

Crested Butte Weekend Getaway

Crested Butte offers many pet-friendly businesses and activities so your dog can come along for a great time!

Colorado's Canine Heroes

“All three of my dogs are registered therapy dogs,” Ingrish says. “I think it’s important for animals in general to be active and to be an important part of the community. They need to have a purpose.”

The Telltale Signs Your Dog May Have Arthritis

Dogs are just like us humans. As they age, they become more prone to certain diseases. Some breeds are more at risk of developing diseases, but what is certain is that all dogs go through difficulties in their senior life.

Cabin Fever

Have you ever had an overwhelming desire to get back to nature? Or perhaps you just want to get away from regular day to day life for a few days. Taking a weekend trip and renting a cabin is an excellent way to kick back with your family. Your dog can come along for the fun when you make a reservation at one of these pet-friendly cabins!

Dogs Behind Bars

“Would you be interested in teaching dog training to female offenders?” The date, October 12, 2002. A simple question. “You bet I would.” A simple answer. This marked the beginning of an on-going, dynamic adventure; years of enriching the lives of both four and two footed castaway creatures, seeking solutions to challenges, with emotional rewards that bring you to tears.

Focus on Health: Canine Leptospirosis

Lepto is a bacteria that can infect the kidneys and vital organs of dogs, humans and other mammals. Because lepto can be transmitted from domestic or wild animals to humans lepto makes the local news more than many other animal diseases.

Miss Autumn's Barquery Organics and Veterinary Lines

Starting in early 2005, I personally saw the need for a more nutritious dog food. Based on the death of my own dog, Cheyenne. Who ultimately died from chemical poisoning over a period of her life from eating a commercially based brand dog food.

Help kiss your pet’s hospital fears good-bye

If you have an anxious pet, your veterinarian may have recommended administering an oral sedative at home prior to coming to the hospital.

Household items you can donate to Animal Shelters and Veterinary Clinics

                  The Denver Dog reports   Towels and bed sheets Most animal shelters and veterinary clinics will accept donated towels, blankets, and bed sheets that are in reusable condition. Most of the shelters we spoke with will not take donated pillows because […]

Canine Mitral Valve Disease

By Allison Heaney, Board Certified Cardiologist at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital Degeneration of the mitral valve leaflet is the most common heart disease in dogs.  It is estimated that 75% of canine patients presented to a cardiologist have degeneration of their mitral valve.  Correspondingly, 75% of dogs that develop congestive […]

Surfing dog teaches disabled kids and vets with PTSD to surf!

Ricochet is a world famous, award-winning surfing dog who surfs for fun, wins surf dog contests & most importantly…SURFS WITH PURPOSE! She surfs solo, with children, adults, pros, celebrities, other dogs, a goat & even Rob Machado!

Media Hound: Chris Parente, Host of Colorado’s “Everyday” Show

The Denver Dog reports Photos by Spirited Images Photography Chris Parente is the host of Colorado’s “Everyday” show which airs each weekday morning at 10 AM on FOX 31 (KDVR). This show features a fun and off-the-wall look at the latest headlines, the hottest stories, and the biggest entertainment in […]

A license plate that save lives!

Written by Jayme Nielson Excited animal lovers across the state were in line to purchase the new Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet license plate when Colorado Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices opened their doors on January 3, 2011. Several DMVs ran out of the plates early that first day. Since then the plate […]

Featured Business: Sean Savitt Realty

  Sean prides himself in his passionate and heartfelt drive to serve his clients’ best interests. He is sincere, knowledgeable, and committed to finding the perfect fit, whether apartment or home, for his clientele. His devotion and unparalleled customer service has resulted in a continuously expanding network of loyal clients. […]

Featured Product: Tags for Hope

Featured Product: 2016 Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar

A love of animals is something that comes naturally for local pet photographer, Amy VanDerBroek. Having grown up in a house with a myriad of animals, including dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, and birds, it came as no surprise when her interest in pets extended beyond her own lovable companions. As […]

BSL in Colorado

The Denver Dog reports What is BSL? If you are a dog lover, then it is very likely you have heard the term “BSL” thrown around. Many people do not fully understand what BSL is and what it means for pet owners. BSL, short for breed specific legislation, is a […]

Veterinary Financial Assistance

The following is a list of organizations that can assist with veterinary bills. Visit their website to see if you meet their criteria. Care Credit Colorado Helping Hands Foundation Ginger’s Legacy P.A.W.S. Colorado Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation   Low-Income Veterinary Assistance The following is a list of organizations that offer […]

Monthly Pet Health Checklist

It can be very difficult to remember all of the various procedures your dog needs to stay healthy. Here at The Denver Dog, we recommend pet owners create a “Monthly Pet Health Checklist” to help you remember everything that your dog needs. You can write this on a dry erase board and place […]

Canine Blood Donors

Your Dog Can Become a Life Saver Canine blood donors save countless lives. Like humans, dogs need blood transfusions due to traumatic injuries or illnesses that cause anemia. Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital has the only 24 hour veterinary blood bank in the Denver or Metro Area. Canine Blood Donors must: […]

Media Hound: Kyle Clark, Channel 9 News KUSA

The Denver Dog reports Photos by Spirited Images Photography Kyle Clark is well known for his work as the co-anchor of Channel 9 news at 6PM, 9PM, and 10PM. He frequently reports from the scene of significant events in Colorado and around the nation. While he isn’t busy reporting on […]

University of Northern Colorado’s Pet Friendly Dorms

The Denver Dog reports It seems in this day and age more and more businesses are allowing pets into their establishment. Some college campuses are following suit by allowing students to have pets in their dorm rooms. One of these campuses is the University of Northern Colorado, located in Greeley, […]

How to Throw a Fun and Safe Pet Party

By Johanna Newcomb, Chief Barketing Officer at Paradise 4 Paw Photos Courtesy of Johanna Newcomb As more of us treat our pets like furry children, pet events and pet birthday parties have increased in popularity. Because our pet resort boasts large indoor play spaces, we have hosted many such events […]

Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group

By Lori Beuerle The day that I met Donna and Cosmos, my first thought was, “She is going to fall.” Cosmos is a two year-old Golden Retriever and Donna is his person.   Cosmos is a very happy dog; the type who greets everyone with unbridled enthusiasm. Donna is a wonderfully […]

Why Dogs make Training Mistakes

By Mindy Jarvis, Owner of Noble One very important aspect of training your dog is to recognize why your dog is making mistakes. Once you understand why your dog made a mistake, it makes it much easier to fix the mistake. Too many distractions –When you are training your dog, […]

Featured Non-Profit: My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue

By Nikki Gwinn In the spring of 2011, I received an email from one of the many dog rescue lists I was following. Concordia Animal Control in Kansas was looking for help for four hound dogs that were chained on short leads and left to die in a suburban backyard. […]

Eleanor Wolf - Dog Beautiful

DOG BEAUTIFUL Written by Bridget Wolf as Eleanor Wolf Please do not define me by my now iridescent muzzle, namely sporting hints of grey and silver.  Mom calls it distinguished-multi-colored face art.  These days my eyes are a tad bit droopier than in prior years.  I have progressive hearing loss […]

The Denver Dog Summer 2015

In This Issue – Media Hound: Kyle Clark, Channel 9 News KUSA – Beat the Heat – University of Northern Colorado’s Pet Friendly Dorms – Featured Non-Profit: My Fairy Dawg Mother

The Denver Dog Spring 2015

In This Issue: – Police Dogs: Friends of Littleton K-9 – Wisdom Panel: Canine DNA Tests – Colorado Dog-Friendly Accommodations – How to Choose the Best Food for Your Pet

Socializing Your Dog

By Mindy Jarvis, owner of Noble Beast Dog Training Do you want your dog to have the best life ever?  Then consider the importance of SOCIALIZATION! Owning a dog in Colorado is a wonderful thing because we are an extremely dog friendly state.  We have exceptional dog parks, dog friendly […]

Choosing the Right Kennel: What You Should Know

By Bruce Miller, owner of Beds N Biscuits Leaving your dog in someone else’s care is stressful, but if you do your homework and ask the right questions, you can alleviate much of that anxiety and feel comfortable with your choice of pet care facility. If your dog is happy, […]

Diet Related Seizures and How to Prevent Them

By Dave Richardson, Owner of Denver Tail Waggin’ Pet Supplies One night when our oldest dog was no more than nine months old, he started twitching around like Seinfeld’s Elaine on the dance floor and his eye was drooping. Immediately, we knew he wasn’t trying to dance, but was, in […]

How to Choose the Best Food for your Pet

Shannon M. Jordan, DVM, DABVP – Board-Certified in Canine and Feline Practice Your pet is a unique individual and as a conscientious pet owner you want to provide the best nutrition for your pet throughout his life. For most healthy pets there are many food choices available to meet the […]

Traveling with Your Dog

The Denver Dog reports Are you planning on traveling with your dog this spring? Traveling with your dog can be a great experience for both you and your dog. There are many potential hazards that your dog can run into while traveling. We would like to share with our readers […]

Colorado Dog-Friendly Accommodations

Are you looking to travel but don’t want to leave your dog behind? Our state offers many hotels and lodges that welcome dogs. We want to share just a few of these great places with our readers! Hotel Monaco Denver 1717 Champa Street Denver, CO 80202 Phone: 303-296-1717 Hotel Monaco […]

Wisdom Panel: Canine DNA Tests

By Angela M. Hughes, DVM Have you ever thought your Poodle acts like a Labrador Retriever; or noticed that your Chihuahua behaves like he’s the biggest dog on the block? As is the case with any pet, the more insights you have into his ancestry, the easier it will be […]

Police Dogs: Friends of Littleton K-9

Interview by Zoey, the Pit Bull reporter A police dog’s job is to protect and serve, and police forces in many Colorado communities use police dogs to track criminals, sniff out illegal materials, search buildings, and do other jobs human police officers can’t do as well as a dog can.  […]

Featured Product - MountainMuttDogCoats Boulder 

Photos courtesy of Fran Blum MountainMuttDogCoats Boulder was inspired by Fran Blum’s dog Mac.  Mac was diagnosed with bone cancer in October 2009.  Following surgery, Fran bought and returned several coats that didn’t fit around Mac’s deep chest. The fabrics really weren’t that warm either. She had a leather coat […]

Weekend Getaway - Durango

By Danielle Lewis Durango is located in the southwestern part of Colorado. The town is perhaps best known for the historic narrow gauge railroad that connects Durango and Silverton. With a population of 16,000, it is the largest town in southwestern Colorado. Durango offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. […]

Pet Business Profile - Paradise 4 Paws

Photos courtesy of Lauren Hargesheimer Welcome to Paradise! . . . Paradise 4 Paws that is. The award-winning pet resort for cats and dogs that first opened near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in 2008 will set Colorado tails a-wagging this holiday season as it opens at Denver International Airport. Located near […]

Winter weather safety tips for pets

The Denver Dog reports With winter comes harsh, cold weather. While the weather in Colorado is very unpredictable and can change daily; it is a guarantee that we will have days of extreme cold weather. We would like to share with our readers some tips on keeping your pets safe […]

Winterize Your Pet’s Diet

By David Richardson, Owner Tail Waggin’ Pet Supplies  Well, you’ve found the clicker for your car’s remote start, dug the hats and gloves out of the closet, and found five dollars in the coat you haven’t put on since last winter, so it seems you are ready to face the […]

Prevent Choking in Dogs

The Denver Dog reports It is likely that most pet owners have experienced their pets choking at some time during their lives. Often times, a dog will make a gagging noise but will eventually be able to swallow what was stuck in their mouth. Other times choking can lead to […]

Weekend Getaway - Montrose, CO

By Danielle Lewis Montrose is a small town tucked away in southeastern Colorado. The city of Montrose is a home rule municipality that is the county seat and the most populous city of Montrose County. The city is known for its beautiful surroundings and for being home to the Black […]

Early Detection is Key: Ten Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats

Gabriella Sfiligoi, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital Over the past few decades, consistent improvements in small animal healthcare have resulted in longer lives for many companion animals. Unfortunately, as more dogs and cats reach older age, cancer diagnoses have become more common. It has been estimated that […]

Kay, the Bomb-Sniffing War Dog

By Jeff Dodge, Communications Coordinator Department of Public Relations Colorado State University Photos Courtesy of Jeff Dodge FORT COLLINS – A bomb-sniffing war dog that saved thousands of American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan has a new lease on life after heart surgery Sept. 16 at CSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Kay, […]

Little Darling's Pinups for Pitbulls

By Deirdre ‘Little Darling’ Franklin Photography by Celeste Giuliano Denver is such a beautiful city. It is filled with so many progressive thinkers, beautiful parks, great restaurants, and has an exceptional focus on the arts.  I would almost imagine moving there if it were not for one distinct problem: my […]

The Denver Dog Winter/Holiday 2014

In This Issue: – Little Darlings Pinups for Pitbulls – Kay, the Bomb-Sniffing War Dog – Ten Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats – Weekend Getaways

Coins for Canine Cancer

By Kelly Kaliszewski Photos courtesy of Kelly Kaliszewski  A penny saved, might be a penny earned, but thousands of pennies and coins can add up to advances in cancer care and make a dramatic difference in dogs’ lives.  That’s the message behind Wishcuit’s fundraising campaign, Coins For Canine Cancer. Raising awareness […]

Soul Dog Rescue & Humane Society Thrift Store

By Shelby Davis Englewood, Colorado – July 2014 Soul Dog is a nonprofit animal rescue organization founded to spay/neuter and protect animals.  Soul Dog is proactive in animal welfare advancing the need for spaying and neutering pets to reduce overpopulation.  Volunteers travel to rural communities on Native American reservations where […]

Cracking the code on your dog’s pet food labels

By Dave Richardson Let’s do a little experiment. In the next 30 seconds, try to list all of the dog food brands that you can think of or have purchased for your dog. Were you able to list several? Probably, and you know that list you just came up with […]

Wellness - Dogs and Urban Wildlife

Kevin T. Fitzgerald, PhD, DVM, DABVP Staff Veterinarian VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital Denver, Colorado In the last 25 years, Denver and the entire front range has experienced phenomenal growth. Since 1950, the population of the city of Denver and its immediate suburbs has increased nearly two and a half […]

Health - The Beauty of Lab Work

Dr. Tom Adducci As your family companion begins to advance in age, yearly screening of blood and urine is recommended. These tests give us valuable information about your pet. It can serve as an early indicator of health issues that may be starting to develop, but are not yet physically […]

Golden Study Celebrates Its Second Year

By: David Haworth, DVM, PhD, President/CEO, Morris Animal Foundation  I’m writing today while Bridger, my 16-month-old furry child, is lying on my feet. Bridger is an enthusiastic, unapologetic ball of energy and joy, all contained in a beautiful Golden Retriever body. And, even though he doesn’t know it, he is a […]

Downtown Littleton - Pet Friendly Neighborhood

The Denver Dog reports Downtown Littleton has grown a quite a bit over the years. You can find many neighborhood shops and it has a cozy small town feel. There is a good chance you will see several people walking their dogs around the streets of Downtown Littleton. This area […]

Building Better Lives Campaign

The Denver Dog Reports Every cat has a tale, and for million their story begins at a shelter. Approximately 8 million cats enter shelters in the United States every year. Sadly, many of these cats do not make it out of the shelter. Purina Cat Chow began their “Building Better […]

The Denver Dog Fall 2014

In This Issue: – Kathy Sabine – Denver Picard the Corgi – Building Better Lives Campaign – Pet Friendly Neighborhood: Downtown Littleton

Denver Picard the Corgi, the Denver Pavilions Mall Mascot

By Carolyn Daughters Few dogs can claim as big a fan base as Denver Picard. The corgi has his own product line, has been featured in travel guides, and has received several awards (and recognition from Congress). Try to walk by I Heart Denver Store without stopping in. It’s pretty […]

Kathy Sabine: Channel 9News Chief Meteorologist

Photos by Spirited Images Photography Kathy Sabine joined Channel 9 News in 1993. She is currently the Chief Meteorologist and lead forecaster on the 4,5,6,9 and 10 PM newscasts Monday through Friday. Kathy was recently awarded the Heartland Regional Emmy award for Best Weather Anchor/Meteorologist. Kathy has always been an […]

Vivamune Health Chews

Vivamune Health Chews are a brand new approach to managing your pet’s health and wellbeing. Our revolutionary all-in-one immune supporting formula targets joints, skin and digestive health – all in a delicious, once a day chew your pet will love! ✓ Healthy joints & mobility ✓ Gorgeous skin & coat ✓ Smooth […]

Fire Prevention and Safety

The Denver Dog reports According to the United States Fire Administration, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected by fires each year. There are many things that you can do to help prevent your pet from becoming a victim of a fire. Have an evacuation plan The best way to protect […]

OrthoPets: Bionic Dogs getting a leg up on mobility in Colorado

By Dr. Patsy Mich, DVM Have you seen the recent articles in the news about prosthetic limbs and braces for animals?  Or perhaps you saw the Disney movie based on Winter the dolphin with a prosthetic tail.  Have you wondered if this is available for other animals?  Once considered a […]

Snakes, Bees, Spiders, and Ants… (Creepy things that bite our dogs)

Kevin T. Fitzgerald, PhD, DVM, DABVP Staff Veterinarian VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital Denver, Colorado Often as veterinarians, we hear owners say about their animal’s undiagnosed ailment, “Maybe something bit him in the yard.” However, most people don’t even know what venomous animals live in Colorado that could bite or […]

Be the Voice; Speak for Us! Lee's Story

By Lee, The One and Only’s Dad; Gary Daley Lee, The One and Only’s scruffy little bark was the first thing you would hear when you walked in to the arena area at National Mill Dog Rescue and now on his Facebook page he encourages people to “Be the Voice” […]

Pet Loss and Bereavement

By Adam Clark, Clinical Counselor Intern at the Argus Institute Photos by CSU Photography, Communication and Creative Services, Colorado State University The love a companion canine brings to us and our family can be profound and beautiful. It is a love and joy that seems so pure, as they rush […]

Therapeutic Laser

By Cory Pinel, DVM, DACVS-SA As a veterinary surgeon, there are very few patients that I see that could not benefit from a reduction in pain, lessening of inflammation, and increased speed of wound healing. In many situations, finding a safe AND effective solution is not easy. While “go-to” or “tried-and-tested” […]

#AskFallon Video Featuring “Most Interesting Man in the World” Actor Challenges Tonight Show Host to Fight Pet Cancer

By Tina Martinez Dog lover Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who portrays “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” has a challenge for fellow dog lover and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. Goldsmith is helping Denver’s Morris Animal Foundation to #AskFallon to participate in the Foundation’s upcoming Unite to Fight Virtual […]

Senate Bill 14-039

Senator David Balmer has earned the nickname of “Colorado’s dog legislator.” Less than a year ago, Senator Balmer’s bill “The Dog Protection Act,” was signed into law. The Senator has now turned his attention to a bill that will authorize first-responders to administer emergency care to dogs and cats. Earlier […]

Kelly Werthmann: CBS4 News Reporter

Photos by Spirited Images Photography Hair and make-up by Jessica Lauren Salon Tune into almost any CBS4 newscast and you are bound to see Kelly Werthmann. Kelly has been a reporter for CBS4 Denver since 2012. She began as a morning news anchor but now covers the evening news. Kelly […]

Nate Guenin, Colorado Avalanche Defenseman and Dog Lover!

By Zoey the Pit Bull Reporter Photos by Karen Hoglund Photography Photos taken at Intergroup Architects in Downtown Littleton In ice hockey, a defenseman is one of two players on the ice whose primary responsibility is to protect the goaltender and prevent the opposing team from scoring.   Along with stopping anything […]

The Denver Dog Summer 2014

In This Issue: – Nate Guinin – Colorado Avalanche Defenseman and Dog Lover – Media Hound: Kelly Werthmann, CBS 4 Denver – Unite to Fight Pet Cancer Campaign – Senate Bill 14-039

Dog Decoder: The app for dog bite prevention

Every year thousands of children and adults are bitten by dogs and family dogs are attacked by other dogs leaving emotional and physical scars for life. The inspiration for the Dog Decoder app came after watching Good Morning America’s news anchor bitten by a dog on the air. This was […]

Colorado Canine Heroes

Gail Ingrish of Aurora, Colorado, jokingly calls her dog Wrigley “Mr. Personality.” The 97-pound, red golden retriever is a bit of a gentle giant. Young, old, healthy or sick, Wrigley loves everyone.

Deckers Dogs

Last September, Eric and Jessica Decker launched their foundation, Deckers Dogs, to provide needed service dogs to returning military veterans with a service-connected disability. As products of families who have served and continue to serve our country – and avid animal lovers – the Deckers believed this was a perfect […]

Benefits of Brewer's Yeast

Sit back, Relax, and Crack Open a Cold…..Bag of Dog Food? Coloradan’s know beer, but perhaps what you don’t know is that one of the key ingredients in some of the best craft beers can also be found in some quality dog foods due to its highly beneficial properties.



By, Major David A. Haigh, USAF Commander/Chief of Police 460th Security Forces Squadron Buckley AFB, CO Military Working Dog (MWD) Pier (Tattoo: M203) is a Yellow Lab. He was born on August 25th, 2006 and six months later he started his military career at Lackland AFB in the DoD Military […]

Stallone’s First Christmas

Stallone’s First Christmas: Frederick John Katz III, MA, Ed.S., LCADC Captain-Medical Service Corps (RET) US Army National Guard Stallone’s first Christmas in New Jersey was one of excitement, exploration and most importantly love. Stallone experienced his first snow fall ever, and by the way he acted, he did not like […]

The Denver Dog Spring 2014

The Denver Dog Spring 2014

In This Issue: – Deckers Dogs – Colorado’s Canine Heroes – Inspirational Dogs – Weekend Getaways

The Denver Dog Holiday/Winter Issue

The Denver Dog Winter/Holiday 2013

In This Issue: – Everyday Show Host Chris Parente – The Dog Protection Act – Holiday Gift Guide – Cabin Fever – Amazing Dogs

ToeGrips for Dogs

Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs

As an integrative veterinarian who practices animal chiropractic and veterinary acupuncture, many of my patients are senior dogs with mobility issues. Through conventional and alternative medicine, I can usually improve mobility and comfort, but I could never affect slipping. I had no solution to the age-old problem of dogs struggling […]

Groomers, dogs escape fire in Franktown

By Chris Michlewicz Gigi Allen, owner of Gigi’s Groom & Board in Franktown, cuddles with a canine companion in a photo from the company’s website. The shop sustained damage during a fire Nov. 14. Employees of a Franktown dog grooming shop were able to escape with their lives and those […]

Commerce City officer charged in controversial shooting death of dog

By: John Davidson, December 20, 2012 http://www.examiner.com/ Chole was shot to death in a Nov. 24 incident. Credits: Gary Branson The Adams County District Attorney’s Office said today that a Commerce City police officer who shot and killed a dog in a controversial Nov. 24 incident will face charges. Commerce […]

Boulder Aims to Rein in Dogs on Open Space

City Council indicates stricter rules likely for off-leash pets, owner   By Erica Meltzer Camera Staff Writer www.denverpost.com/news/ci_21991700/boulder-aims-rein-dogs-open-space#ixzz2Ci3yMxM5 PHOTO BY: CLIFF GRASSMICK. Simon Sparks walks with his daughter, Violet, and their dog, Lucy, at Chautauqua on Friday afternoon. The Boulder City Council is considering new rules for off-leash dogs on […]

Man Charged For Abandoning Dog On Mount Bierstadt Anthony Ortolani Faces Cruelty To Animals Charge

By Annie Rose Ramos | ABC News Blogs A 29-year-old man is expected to face a charge of animal cruelty after he abandoned his dog on a Colorado mountain, the Clear Creek Sheriff’s Office officials said Friday. Anthony Joseph Ortolani told The Denver Channel earlier that he was forced to […]

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The Denver Dog Fall 2013

The Denver Dog Fall 2013

In This Issue: – Dog Friendly Restaurants – Prison Trained Dogs – Canine Blood Donors

The Denver Dog Summer 2013

The Denver Dog Summer 2013

In This Issue: – Celebrity Canines in Colorado – Canine Sports – Pet-Friendly Boulder – Fun Weekend Getaways – Get Wet This Summer – Amazing Dogs