Kathy Sabine: Channel 9News Chief Meteorologist

October 7, 2014 at 1:47 am
Kathy S 6

Kathy Sabine with her dog Fozzy

Photos by Spirited Images Photography

Kathy Sabine joined Channel 9 News in 1993. She is currently the Chief Meteorologist and lead forecaster on the 4,5,6,9 and 10 PM newscasts Monday through Friday. Kathy was recently awarded the Heartland Regional Emmy award for Best Weather Anchor/Meteorologist.

Kathy has always been an animal lover and has had dogs her whole life. She has owned a variety of different breeds throughout her life but has a special place in her heart for Bernese Mountain Dogs.  “After I got married and had kids we were introduced through friends to the Bernese Mountain Dog and I fell in love! I love big dogs and these creatures are so kind, loving, quiet, and polite. They are loyal, clean and easy keepers.  They will try to sit on your lap and love to lay next to you on the floor. They also make great pillows during movie time and they will try to hug you and they don’t realize they weigh more than you!” Kathy says.

Fozzy is currently the only dog in Kathy’s household.  Kathy says that Fozzy has made a great addition to her family. “Fozzy Bear is a great companion dog. He will follow you room to room and lay at your feet. He is great company, a good listener and has impeccable manners. He is fun to walk with, play with on the lawn and is the type of animal that prefers to be close to humans almost all the time, he seems most comfortable by your side.  He is so big you can hug and play with him and wrestle with him and you can have fun rough- housing. He is a gentle giant. He is very protective of our six year old Matthew. Fozzy has decided Matthew is HIS boy and no one gets to mess with him. If Matthew’s older siblings play too rough with him or chase him or tickle him; Fozzy will get in between them and protect Matthew from what he assumes is some type of harm! He is Matthew’s dog. Every boy should have a dog,” Kathy states. Fozzy is very sensitive, intuitive and polite. He can sense a change in tone and demeanor and will react accordingly. We make sure to never tease him or make him think we are mad at each other or him because he truly reacts to that. He is the first one to greet me at the door when I get home at 11:15 at night- he is the first one to wake me up at 6am with a giant paw or slobbery kiss!”

Kathy is a big believer in adopting animals from shelters.  “I am a big believer in adopting shelter or rescue animals and that is always my first choice but I have also learned the importance of working with a reputable breeder when searching out a specific purebred. The Bernese have issues with cancer and hip dysplasia and good breeding is so important to help mix out the genes that cause an early death with these big dogs. Reputable breeders are also important to connect with if you are going to make a financial investment. There are so many wonderful cats and dogs in need of a good, loving forever home but there are also so many shelters and rescues that would welcome your volunteer help, donations and pet supplies. There are so many ways to help and make a difference.”

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