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Summer 2014 Issue Digital Edition

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- Nate Guenin
- Kelly Werthmann
- Unite to Fight Pet Cancer
- Senate Bill 14-039

Old labrador retriever wearing a fire fighter helmet, studio iso

Fire Prevention and Safety

The Denver Dog reports According to the United States Fire Administration, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected by fires each year. There are many things that you can do to help prevent your pet from becoming a victim of a fire. Have an evacuation plan The best way to protect […] Read more

Nakio the Bionic Dog Photo by Lindsey Mladinich-1

OrthoPets: Bionic Dogs getting a leg up on mobility in Colorado

By Dr. Patsy Mich, DVM Have you seen the recent articles in the news about prosthetic limbs and braces for animals?  Or perhaps you saw the Disney movie based on Winter the dolphin with a prosthetic tail.  Have you wondered if this is available for other animals?  Once considered a […] Read more

Macro shot of a brown recluse spider on white

Snakes, Bees, Spiders, and Ants… (Creepy things that bite our dogs)

Kevin T. Fitzgerald, PhD, DVM, DABVP Staff Veterinarian VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital Denver, Colorado Often as veterinarians, we hear owners say about their animal’s undiagnosed ailment, “Maybe something bit him in the yard.” However, most people don’t even know what venomous animals live in Colorado that could bite or […] Read more


Pet Loss and Bereavement

By Adam Clark, Clinical Counselor Intern at the Argus Institute Photos by CSU Photography, Communication and Creative Services, Colorado State University The love a companion canine brings to us and our family can be profound and beautiful. It is a love and joy that seems so pure, as they rush […] Read more


Therapeutic Laser

By Cory Pinel, DVM, DACVS-SA As a veterinary surgeon, there are very few patients that I see that could not benefit from a reduction in pain, lessening of inflammation, and increased speed of wound healing. In many situations, finding a safe AND effective solution is not easy. While “go-to” or “tried-and-tested” […] Read more

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Senate Bill 14-039

Senator David Balmer has earned the nickname of “Colorado’s dog legislator.” Less than a year ago, Senator Balmer’s bill “The Dog Protection Act,” was signed into law. The Senator has now turned his attention to a bill that will authorize first-responders to administer emergency care to dogs and cats. Earlier […] Read more