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Help kiss your pet’s hospital fears good-bye

If you have an anxious pet, your veterinarian may have recommended administering an oral sedative at home prior to coming to the hospital. Read more


Household items you can donate to Animal Shelters and Veterinary Clinics

                  The Denver Dog reports   Towels and bed sheets Most animal shelters and veterinary clinics will accept donated towels, blankets, and bed sheets that are in reusable condition. Most of the shelters we spoke with will not take donated pillows because […] Read more


Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs

By Kevin T. Fitzgerald, PhD, DVM, DABVP Staff Veterinarian VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital In the last 25 years, the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana has been a highly controversial topic. Recently, several states have allowed the medicinal use of marijuana under certain circumstances and, in 2012, Colorado and Washington […] Read more


Surfing dog teaches disabled kids and vets with PTSD to surf!

Ricochet is a world famous, award-winning surfing dog who surfs for fun, wins surf dog contests & most importantly...SURFS WITH PURPOSE! She surfs solo, with children, adults, pros, celebrities, other dogs, a goat & even Rob Machado! Read more


Media Hound: Chris Parente, Host of Colorado’s “Everyday” Show

The Denver Dog reports Photos by Spirited Images Photography Chris Parente is the host of Colorado’s “Everyday” show which airs each weekday morning at 10 AM on FOX 31 (KDVR). This show features a fun and off-the-wall look at the latest headlines, the hottest stories, and the biggest entertainment in […] Read more

Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund How to Purchase

A license plate that save lives!

Written by Jayme Nielson Excited animal lovers across the state were in line to purchase the new Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet license plate when Colorado Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices opened their doors on January 3, 2011. Several DMVs ran out of the plates early that first day. Since then the plate […] Read more