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Kyle and Porter 15-sm

Media Hound: Kyle Clark, Channel 9 News KUSA

The Denver Dog reports Photos by Spirited Images Photography Kyle Clark is well known for his work as the co-anchor of Channel 9 news at 6PM, 9PM, and 10PM. He frequently reports from the scene of significant events in Colorado and around the nation. While he isn’t busy reporting on […] Read more

Kiba enjoying the view at Lawrenson Hall-sm

University of Northern Colorado’s Pet Friendly Dorms

The Denver Dog reports It seems in this day and age more and more businesses are allowing pets into their establishment. Some college campuses are following suit by allowing students to have pets in their dorm rooms. One of these campuses is the University of Northern Colorado, located in Greeley, […] Read more


How to Throw a Fun and Safe Pet Party

By Johanna Newcomb, Chief Barketing Officer at Paradise 4 Paw Photos Courtesy of Johanna Newcomb As more of us treat our pets like furry children, pet events and pet birthday parties have increased in popularity. Because our pet resort boasts large indoor play spaces, we have hosted many such events […] Read more

Photo Courtesy Of Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group

Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group

By Lori Beuerle The day that I met Donna and Cosmos, my first thought was, “She is going to fall.” Cosmos is a two year-old Golden Retriever and Donna is his person.   Cosmos is a very happy dog; the type who greets everyone with unbridled enthusiasm. Donna is a wonderfully […] Read more


Why Dogs make Training Mistakes

By Mindy Jarvis, Owner of Noble One very important aspect of training your dog is to recognize why your dog is making mistakes. Once you understand why your dog made a mistake, it makes it much easier to fix the mistake. Too many distractions –When you are training your dog, […] Read more

socialize your dog

Socializing Your Dog

By Mindy Jarvis, owner of Noble Beast Dog Training Do you want your dog to have the best life ever?  Then consider the importance of SOCIALIZATION! Owning a dog in Colorado is a wonderful thing because we are an extremely dog friendly state.  We have exceptional dog parks, dog friendly […] Read more