Outdoor Gear

Outdoor Gear

Kurgo Dog Car Seat

Show your dog you love him enough not to keep him safe (and give him a bird’s eye view, while you’re at it) with the Skybox Booster Seat.

Dog First Aid Kit

Dogs are curious. Dogs are adventurous. These are his best qualities, right up until the moment when they’re his worst. Make sure you’re ready to deal with everything from lacerations to choking to poisoning, with our comprehensive, 50-piece First Aid Kit, complete with Dog First Aid Guide. Stylish, compact, and essential, every dog owner should have one.

Easy Rider Car Harness

This easy to use harness connects to any front or rear seat belt and keeps your dog confined yet comfortable.

Petmate Collapsible Travel Bowl

Petmates collapsible design folds down which is ideal for travel trips to the park and walks. Each bowl can be used at full or half height. Made from silicon a durable nonporous material.

Four Paws Comfort Control Harness

Walking your dog should be fun for you and your pet.

All Weather Dog Coat

This jacket features a nylon weather resistant outer shell and a super soft and cozy fleece lining.