Building Better Lives Campaign

October 7, 2014 at 7:42 pm

Mandy Moore snuggles with a cat at Maxfund. Photo used with permission from Untitled ManagementThe Denver Dog Reports

Every cat has a tale, and for million their story begins at a shelter. Approximately 8 million cats enter shelters in the United States every year. Sadly, many of these cats do not make it out of the shelter. Purina Cat Chow began their “Building Better Lives” campaign in an effort to help more cats find forever homes. The campaign has raised  $275,000 for 50 shelters (one in every state) across the country. Additionally, three rescues were awarded a $50,000 renovation to their shelter. One of these lucky shelters was Maxfund No-Kill Adoption Center located in Denver.

Singer and actress Mandy Moore has teamed up with Purina Cat Chow to support the Building Better Lives campaign. Mandy recently visited Denver to see the renovations to Maxfund. Danielle Lewis, Publisher and Editor in Chief for The Denver Dog magazine, had an opportunity to speak with Mandy about her work with the Building Better Lives campaign. According to Mandy, she first became involved with the Building Better Lives campaign after being contacted by Purina. When asked why Mandy loves cats she responded, “You have to earn trust from a cat. Dogs will always love you no matter what, but I like the fact that you have to put in effort to make a cat warm up to you.”

Mandy was pleased with the renovations at Maxfund-No Kill Adoption center. “This is one of the most impressive shelters I have ever seen,” Mandy states, “I am blown away by the amazing work that Maxfund does for the community.” The cat shelter is in a separate building from the dogs to help reduce stress to the cats. The shelter also has a wellness center where people can bring in their pets for vaccinations and other veterinary procedures.

Mandy has been a life- long animal lover and has several pets of her own. She currently has four rescue cats and two rescue dogs at home. She and her husband Ryan found their two rescue dogs on Petfinder. Mandy describes her dog Jackson as looking like a coyote dingo mix.  She hopes to spread the message that cats are just as much a part of the family as dogs. “Cats seem to get the short end of the stick with their owners,” Mandy says, “It seems that people are much more likely to bring their dogs to the vet than their cats.”

While we are partial to dogs here at The Denver Dog magazine, we hope that the renovations to Maxfund No-Kill Adoption Center will help many cats find new homes. It is also our hope that pet owners will remember that their cats need the same love and care that their dogs do.

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