Winpro Blood Protein Supplements

June 1, 2019 at 8:51 pm

By Tim Mitchum 


What if a canine health product existed that worked in days, had no side effects, could be used in conjunction with other supplements/medications, was scientifically proven, and had the endorsement of the National Animal Supplement Council?  Would you think this product was too good to be true?


Fortunately for pet owners, it’s not.


WINPRO, which burst onto the canine supplement scene in 2017, offers a unique way for pet owners to treat dogs with mobility, allergy, immune system, anxiety, and performance recovery issues.


The main active ingredient in WINPRO products is spray-dried animal blood proteins, which have been extensively researched for applications in the agricultural and horse-racing industries for nearly five decades.  Initial research at Iowa State University showed that the introduction of animal-blood proteins in the diet of weaning piglets, who were suffering from extreme stress, significantly improved their survival rate.  Since this seminal study, animal blood protein research has been extended to dairy calves, beef calves, poultry, aqua, lambs, kids, goats, mice, horses – and now dogs – with astonishing success.


What do animal blood proteins have to do with improved health?  The key is reduced inflammation.  Nearly every common canine ailment has an inflammatory component.  For instance, dogs suffering from arthritis have chronic inflammation in their joints that results in pain, reduced mobility, limp and gimp, etc.  Animal blood proteins (in WINPRO’s instance, from pig blood) have the unique ability to fight inflammation at the source.  The result is rapid  improvement in the animal’s condition.


To harness the power of animal blood proteins, WINPRO employs a unique process to incorporate  blood protein fractions onto soft-chew supplements for dogs.  There are five formulations available, which include Mobility (for joint health), Allergy (for seasonal/environmental allergies), Immunity (for gut health), Training (for recovery), and Focus (for anxiety).  Each formulation contains additional active ingredients to further support your dog’s needs.


Company founder Bill Bernardo is well-versed in the power of blood proteins.  He first discovered their powerful benefits while working with hard-ridden performance horses.  As a dog lover with four dogs, he decided to escape the stable and enter the kennel, where WINPRO was developed and tested.  He eventually launched a product line designed for dogs of all breeds, sizes, shapes, ages, and activity levels.


Unlike traditional medications or supplements, dogs love blood proteins due to their carnivorous nature.  Since blood proteins fight inflammation at the source, dog owners see results quickly.  Problems with a dog’s joints, gastrointestinal system, immune system, lungs, muscle, skin, coat, and anxiety can all be easily managed with blood proteins.  Dog owners can think of WINPRO as a powerful anti-inflammatory, minus the negative side effects associated with traditional NSAIDs and prescribed medications.


What is even more exciting for WINPRO is the testimonials they are receiving from satisfied customers.  Pet owners are seeing such a positive change in their pets that they can’t wait to share the results on social media.  


“These animal blood proteins are creating a bit of a revolution in the way we take care of dogs in America,” says Bill Bernardo, WINPRO founder. “And the most exciting part of it is seeing the amazing testimonials pouring in from dog owners whose lives we’ve transformed. Giving a 13-year old dog its puppy legs back is the kind of thing that never grows old.”


WINPRO soft chews are made in America and are available at leading online retailers and at independent pet stores. To learn more about these products, including the 110% money back guarantee, check out