Wisdom Panel: Canine DNA Tests

May 16, 2015 at 6:20 pm

CanineDNABy Angela M. Hughes, DVM

Have you ever thought your Poodle acts like a Labrador Retriever; or noticed that your Chihuahua behaves like he’s the biggest dog on the block? As is the case with any pet, the more insights you have into his ancestry, the easier it will be to understand his unique personality and temperament. This is especially true for dogs. When adopting or rescuing, it is very common to run into mixed breed dogs. And it’s difficult to know exactly what breeds are within a mixed breed dog by looks alone. Without the knowledge of a dog’s breed ancestry, behavioral traits such as sociability with other animals, herding, digging or barking, can be left unexplained.

That’s where the concept of dog DNA testing comes into play. WISDOM PANEL® Canine DNA tests have been unveiling the mysteries of mixed-breed dogs since 2007. WISDOM PANEL has analyzed more than a quarter million dogs, providing important ancestry information to owners helping them make more informed decisions about their dogs’ health and wellness.

Once armed with breed insights, you can better understand your pet’s behavior, establish a better relationship with your dog and make more informed decisions on your dog’s health. WISDOM PANEL 2.0 Canine DNA Identification Tests are based on more than 15 years of extensive research, drawing from the expertise of leading scientists, veterinarians, universities and breed organizations throughout the world. Its original development included the analysis of more than 19 million DNA markers from more than 15,000 dogs across the United States and Great Britain. As a result, the tests are the most comprehensive breed analysis products on the market with the ability to detect the ancestry of a dog with unprecedented accuracy using Mars Veterinary’s proprietary computer algorithm.

WISDOM PANEL 2.0 tests a dog’s DNA to identify the breeds that make up that mixed-breed dog; reveal the parental ancestry of a “designer” dog; or show whether a dog matches the profile of known purebred dogs in the WISDOM PANEL database (which includes more than 200 different breeds and varieties). When you receive your kit, just swab the inside of your dog’s cheeks for about 7 – 10 seconds with each of the two swabs to collect cheek cells, and then, activate the kit online. You can mail in your sample by using the pre-paid shipping label and in two to three weeks from the time the sample arrives at the lab, you will receive a comprehensive report for one of the following:

Mixed-breed Dog: Breed ancestry identification back to great-grandparents

Purebred Dog: Breed certification and level of genetic diversity

Designer Dog: Certification that your dog is a true 50/50 hybrid of two purebred parents

All reports include an adult weight range prediction to help with nutrition and diet choices, as well as breed insights to help you provide a better training program, understand behavior, and create an effective care and wellness plan working with your veterinarian.

For more information: www.wisdompanel.com

To learn more about dog DNA testing or to purchase a WISDOM PANEL 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test, you can visit www.wisdompanel.com. Kits are available for $79.99 (MSRP) and can be purchased through the website or at various pet retailers nationwide.