CritterZone Air Naturalizer


    Now through the end of June, each unit comes with a FREE 2 oz. container of The Natural Hound’s Paw Balm!

    CritterZone Air Naturalizer corded units were designed to be dedicated to harder-to-reach odor sources.

    All pet cages are continual sources of odor:  Birds, Ferrets, Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Lizards, Snakes… All are homes for our pets that are commonly stored up on shelves, on tables or dressers, and other harder-to-reach areas.  

    The Corded Air Naturalizers were designed to give you a 10-foot flexibility to still discreetly keep a unit next to any odor source, even if it isn’t near an open outlet.  Small, quiet and discreet, it can be easily hidden so you can proudly display your pets without displaying their odors.  

    CritterZone technology was designed and tested to specifically handle the strongest of pet odor sources that are naturally part of having pets: Urine, Feces, Glands, Gas, Breath, Pet Food, Cages and Kennels, and more.

    Air Naturalizers are different from air purifiers.  

    Unlike air purification, the Air Naturalization Process is an innovative technology designed to mimic the natural air-cleaning process that happens outdoors between the sun and odor pollutants.  

    CritterZone Air Naturalizers provides indoor air with same the energy the sun provides outdoor air with to clean itself.  

    No filters to just “catch” stuff in the air.  

    Instead a revolutionary new technology that utilizes a natural process already found outdoors.  

    Learn more about Air Naturalization HERE.

    Corded Units are also perfect for:

    • Small Animal Cages: Proudly display your pets without displaying their odors!  Powerful, Quiet and Discreet with a 10′ cord for placement flexibility.
    • Dog Kennels: Any area that a pet is contained to is an odor and allergen source. Keep your air fresh and healthy all day long.
    • Litter Box: CritterZones work FAST and CONTINUALLY so you never have to smell your kitty’s business, no matter where it’s located. GREAT at attacking cat urine odor!
    • Ferret and Larger Cages: Keep your cage where it ideally fits within your home. Corded units offer 10′ placement flexibilty from an outlet!
    • Kitchens: Can even help with germs on counter surfaces!  Great for removing odors after cooking, too.
    • Garbages: In the kitchen, bathroom or garage, it’s easy 24/7 odor control for any garbage area.
    • Laundry and Mud Rooms:  Keep a Wall Unit plugged in where your family keeps dirty laundry or stores the household collection of shoes.

    CritterZone Air Naturalizers are designed and tested for the control of pet odors: Fast, Powerful, Discreet.

    Breathe easier knowing you’re improving the air environment for you, your family, babies and young children, seniors, visiting guests and, of course, your pets!