Symptoms of Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs

Colorado is known for being one of the few states where recreational marijuana use is legal. While there are many benefits of CBD oil for dogs, it still is important to realize that you do need to keep your dog out of your stash. Marijuana Toxicity is quite common in dogs.

Pet Poison Resources

If you suspect that your dog has ingested a toxic substance, your veterinarian will likely recommend you call Pet Poison Control in addition to bringing them in for treatment.

BSL in Colorado

The Denver Dog reports What is BSL? If you are a dog lover, then it is very likely you have heard the term “BSL” thrown around. Many people do not fully understand what BSL is and what it means for pet owners. BSL, short for breed specific legislation, is a […]

Veterinary Financial Assistance

The following is a list of organizations that can assist with veterinary bills. Visit their website to see if you meet their criteria. Care Credit Colorado Helping Hands Foundation Ginger’s Legacy P.A.W.S. Colorado Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation   Low-Income Veterinary Assistance The following is a list of organizations that offer […]

Monthly Pet Health Checklist

It can be very difficult to remember all of the various procedures your dog needs to stay healthy. Here at The Denver Dog, we recommend pet owners create a “Monthly Pet Health Checklist” to help you remember everything that your dog needs. You can write this on a dry erase board and place […]

Canine Blood Donors

Your Dog Can Become a Life Saver Canine blood donors save countless lives. Like humans, dogs need blood transfusions due to traumatic injuries or illnesses that cause anemia. Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital has the only 24 hour veterinary blood bank in the Denver or Metro Area. Canine Blood Donors must: […]