Stallone’s First Christmas

March 18, 2014 at 9:05 pm
Stallone leaving the pound. Photo by Angela Henson

Stallone leaving the pound. Photo by Angela Henson

Stallone’s First Christmas: Frederick John Katz III, MA, Ed.S., LCADC Captain-Medical Service Corps (RET) US Army National Guard

Stallone’s first Christmas in New Jersey was one of excitement, exploration and most importantly love. Stallone experienced his first snow fall ever, and by the way he acted, he did not like it too much. Actually, Stallone does not like the cold weather at all. Can you blame him? He was born and raised in Arizona, so this North East climate is a big change for him.

Not to worry though, his new family showered him with many Christmas gifts, with the first being a brand new walking coat. He also got a brand new blanket and his own personal bed. In his own Christmas stocking, he got a number of different rubber toys that he could play with; special “Martha Stewart” hypoallergenic shampoo, and dental treats (even though Stallone has mostly stumps for teeth, the dental treats are helpful to keep healthy what he has left).

The most important thing though, is that Stallone feels safe, secure and loved. How do we know this? Just take a look at the pictures. If Stallone could just talk, what would he say? Well Stallone does talk in a way, he has the most comforting way of putting his head on your lap, which calms you down no matter what kind of day you have had, But it is when you look into his eyes, that you can see that he is also comfortable and happy. His big brown eyes look back up at you with a big “Thank You”.

It inspires me see how Stallone can come back from the horrors he lived through to be as loving as he, well it renews my faith. I truly believe that Stallone has a purpose that he has yet to fulfill. That purpose to help others, based on what Stallone has been through, it is no wonder he can empathize with humans who have experienced trauma. And it is no wonder that people can connect so well with him.

Looking back at this Christmas, despite all the toys and treats Stallone received, the person who received the biggest Christmas present was me. It came in the form of a beautiful brown dog with a heart as big as Arizona, and a capacity for love and forgiveness that is an inspiration to us all. So what does 2014 look like for Stallone? Well he will be meeting military veterans and showing them all the love that he showers us with. As for Stallone, who talks with his eyes, he tells me, “Dad, the future is so bright, I gotta wear shades”.  I just tell him back, “hey handsome, we all need sunglasses now”.

God Bless to everyone from around the United States, especially the military veterans who gave whatever they could, both financial and moral support. It is because of all of you that Stallone is able to experience Christmas at all, let alone a new life….As Saint Francis said, “God Bless all the Earth’s creatures”.