Off the Grid: The Catalyst

A Novel by Brian Courtney

A man without a name who called himself Pan wanted something more, something better. For as long as he could remember, something or someone was gnawing at him, calling him, draining him, making him hungry, making him strive for more, more of everything. Living the life and pursuing the happiness, Pan lived the "American Dream". Like so many cheerleaders, Pan worked hard to climb the ladder and he bought almost everything that "they" sold. Avoiding the questions and numbing the pain, Pan turned to drink and did drugs, he listened to loud music and had meaningless sex. He was a true consumer and a glutton until all the hedonism and all the materialism could no longer fill the void and help fulfill his life, his liberty and his pursuit of happiness.

The sports cars and white picket fences of the picturesque dream were now blurry and misshapen. His dream was shattered and the cracks revealed. Now he waits and watches and fears for the future that he knows is so near. Living in the shadows and preparing for tomorrow, he hopes that he is wrong, but knows that he is right.

“Echoes of Cormac McCarthy, whispers of Bukowski in a nascent Orwellian 1984-world, Off the Grid introduces Pan, a John Galt for the Everyman anarchist, in a near-future that’s frighteningly plausible.”

S.E. Whelan, Meson Media

Editorial Reviews:

Jessica Corin

From the opening chapter we are invited to meet "Pan", and in Brian Courtney's masterfully crafted debut novel that follows, though we may never know his given name, we come to deeply know Pan and who he is struggling to remain as the world around him begins to crumble. Off the Grid: The Catalyst chronicles the journey of the man who goes by Pan, as he moves through the levels of corruption and stands on the precipice of the world he inhabits, yet how deep that ravine will go we have yet to realize.  Read more…

Unabridged Andra, Book Worm and Book Blogger

Pan is an unusual guy, kind of like his unusual moniker. Bearing a certain kinship to the lusty, partying Pan of Greek mythology, Pan’s debauchery is tangible, as we begin our relationship with him whilst he lies in bed with an unknown lady. Yet Pan is not what he seems or who everyone believes him to be; his past lives intermingle with the present in his head, and he strives to keep his true identity secret from all around him. Off the Grid is an intriguing book, one that inspects the complexities of memory and time and the eccentricities of one man who is caught between them both.  Read more…

Amy Vincent, Book Lover, Student; U.K

Off the Grid: The Catalyst is a very cleverly written and well thought out piece of work. It tells the story of the mysterious Pan, an incredibly intuitive, insightful yet cynical and paranoid guy. Pan has spent his whole life challenging the authority of those that society accept to be looking out for them for example the police, the government and mainstream religion, Pan however, sees hypocrisy, greed and the loss of free will. Read more…

Reader Reviews:

Grady Harp - GoodReads Author

Brian Courtney is a new author - and more than that we know very little. No biographical data is offered to gain insight into him or his reason for writing this novel, but it doesn't take long into this verbiage to figure out that this is a modern day Catcher in the Rye or some other predecessor that walks that thin thread of accepting society (aka The Institution) in all its gruesome status or stepping off the grid into a world of excesses or at least one that is malleable to one's own needs to be an acceptable place - or not.  Read more…

Shauna Klein -

Off the Grid: The Catalyst by Brian Courtney is a book I figured I'd hate. Why? Because I am what I'd call religious or at the very least, I have faith in God and I had read the reviews mentioning Pan's issue with it. However, I enjoyed this a lot more than I ever thought I would.  Read more…





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