Purina’s Purple Leash Project

January 4, 2020 at 10:19 pm

The Denver Dog reports

What happens to the pets of domestic abuse survivors? This is likely a question that you have pondered about at least once before. Only 10% of domestic abuse shelters in the United States allow survivors to bring their pets with them. Furthermore, 48% of all victims delay leaving because they fear that they will not be allowed to bring their beloved pets with them. “I wasn’t expecting I wouldn’t be able to bring Princess. And that was heartbreaking, especially for the kids.” Angie, a domestic abuse victim said about her dog, Princess.

The Purple Leash Project was born out of Purina’s mission to bring and keep pets together and RedRover’s mission to bring animals and their owners from crisis to care. Purina has committed more than $500,000 through 2022 to RedRover to establish Purple Leash Project grants. These grants will be awarded on a biannual basis to provide funding and resources to transform domestic violence shelters into a safe place for survivors and their pets.

Purina is asking for consumers to “Take the Lead” on the Purple Leash Project. To learn more and find out how to donate visit www.purina.com/about-purina/purple-leash-project/take-the-lead.