Noble Beast Dog Training

At Noble Beast, we not only love dogs, but we love people too! Our mission is to put smiles on both the faces of dogs and their owners by bridging the communication gap through fun, easy to use, positive training techniques, interactive learning, and leadership activities. We offer a wide variety of services from ALWAYS FREE puppy socialization classes, beginner, intermediate, and advance obedience classes, to private classes that match our group curriculums or if need be we can customize them to your dog’s needs.

Where we are extremely gifted and skilled in obedience training, our specialty is socialization and group play dynamics which is supported by our one of a kind Group Day Training Program which is an ENRICHMENT PROGRAM for dogs. Once you sign up, you drop your dog off with us, and in a group of no more than 6 dogs a professional Noble Beast Trainer will work with them on obedience, proper dog/dog & human/dog social skills, as well as giving them a chance to burn some energy in play. This program is great for:

  • · The shy or insecure dog that truly gets overwhelmed in large play groups.
  • · The dog that does not have boundaries in play and cannot attend traditional doggie daycare.
  • · The adolescent dog that could stand to practice solid obedience training and impulse control.
  • · Your brand new puppy who’s little mind is a sponge soaking up information left and right – what could be better than socialization, boundaries, limitations, and obedience for your little pup?
  • · The adult dog that is picky about friends.
  • · Dog owners who would prefer their dogs be mentally challenged in a more personal environment.

Mindy Jarvis – Certified Pet Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant and owner of Noble Beast Dog Training, is also Co-Founder of the Colorado Dog Trainers Network which has over 170 members across the state of Colorado. Where we do offer Behavior Modification for most behavior problems, if moderate or server aggression is involved, upon filling out & submitting our Pre-Training Questionnaire, we will directly connect you to a professional and reputable positive reinforcement trainer (or two) who has the knowledge and experience to immediately help you with your pup. This eliminates the he headache of weeding through the many trainers who may or may not have the skill or time to help you with your pup. At Noble Beast Dog Training, every dog can be helped!

With 10 professional Noble Beast Dog Trainers on staff, we are the largest positive reinforcement training company in Colorado with locations across the Metro Denver area to accommodate as many dog owners as possible. Our trainers not only have extensive training backgrounds, but are continually investing in their education, bringing you the latest in positive reinforcement training techniques and ensuring a high level of canine behavior understanding which in turn supports you in building the most positive relationship you could have with your pup!

Contact us today for a successful and rewarding training experience for you and your dog!