Just Chicken! (for Dogs)

$12.50 each

Do you have a finicky dog that keeps you on your toes looking for a treat that he’ll eat?
How about a dog with a sensitive stomach? Maybe you’ve got an older dog with loose or
missing teeth? Or perhaps you’ve got a puppy that you just can’t get housebroken? Then this is the treat for you! Twist the jar open and quickly pull out a soft morsel of freeze-dried chicken. Watch your fingers though! Fido’s going to go nuts! This is an extremely high-value treat and perfect for potty training. Give this treat ONLY when your dog does his business in the right place. Stand in the yard, shake the jar and soon Fido will have his “indoor manners” down pat! We’ll let you in on another secret. Is your dog on a hunger strike? Crumble one of these pieces between your fingers and sprinkle it on his food. Your dog won’t be able to resist dinner any longer. This treat will be your SECRET WEAPON!

Ingredients: Freeze Dried Chicken Breast 2 oz.
Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 80.0% Min., Crude Fat 3.0% Min., Crude Fiber 2.0% Min., Moisture 4.0% Min.