Natural Dog Company

    Recommended by veterinarians the world over, Natural Dog Company organic products are hand crafted in the USA. Because we love them ♥

    All our balms are made with carefully selected 100% natural ingredients that are safe and effective on all pets.


    • Snout Soother: for healing dry, cracked and crusty noses. Contains a natural SPF!
    • Paw Soother: heals ruff, dry and cracked paw pads.
    • PawTector: guards paws against damage from hot pavement, sand, ice and salt. Snout Shine: heals dry, dull noses while adding extra shine!
    • Skin Soother: treats wounds | rashes | hotspots and protecting against infections.
    • Wrinkle Balm: treats & prevents skin fold dermatitis, disease and infections.