Media Hound: Kyle Clark, Channel 9 News KUSA

September 19, 2015 at 3:55 am

Kyle and Porter 15-smThe Denver Dog reports

Photos by Spirited Images Photography

Kyle Clark is well known for his work as the co-anchor of Channel 9 news at 6PM, 9PM, and 10PM. He frequently reports from the scene of significant events in Colorado and around the nation. While he isn’t busy reporting on important events, Kyle enjoys spending time with his rescue dog, Porter. “I’ve always had a dog in my life ever since I was a little boy,” Kyle says, “I can’t imagine life without the love of a dog.”

Porter was discovered huddle under a car on Tennyson Street in West Denver. Planned Parenthood in Denver helped nurse Porter back to health eight years ago. This was right around the time Kyle moved to Colorado. Kyle and his wife, Vanessa adopted Porter on a trial basis because he was so terrified of men.  It took weeks of working with him before Kyle was even able to put Porter on a leash. “He’s come a long way from being that scared and abandoned dog huddled under a car. He now runs our household and is in charge of two humans. We’re convinced that his under bite is just a permanent smile.”

Porter has run into several medical issues during his life. ” Porter has a special talent for accumulating rare and expensive medical maladies,” Kyle says.  A few years ago, the Clark’s were informed that Porter had terminal lung cancer. They decided to go to VCA Alameda East for a second opinion. It was discovered that Porter actually had eosinophilic pneumonia, a potentially fatal but treatable condition. Porter received treatment and has overcome this illness.

Ever since Porter was adopted, he has walked with a limp. It is believed that Porter might have been hit by a car during his time on streets. This spring, Porter’s hip worsened to the point where he had to have surgery. The Clark’s took Porter back to Alameda East where they performed a femoral head ostectomy, removing the ball from his femur, leaving him with a shorter, pain-free, leg. Tammy Wolfe at the K9 Body Shop in Arvada patiently worked with him for a few months and now he’s running around and playing like a puppy again. “Vanessa and I are so grateful for the exceptional veterinary and canine rehabilitation care in the Denver metro area.”

Porter playing hide and seek Photo courtesy of Kyle Clark-smPorter has made a lasting impact on Kyle’s life. ” Porter is my shadow and my constant companion. He’s at my side from the moment he decides to wake me up in the morning for a walk until I go to bed. Pretty much the only thing we don’t do together is go to work. He’d just bark through the newscasts anyway.”