Kelly Werthmann: CBS4 News Reporter

June 27, 2014 at 4:05 pm
Kelly-WerthmannPhotos by Spirited Images Photography
Hair and make-up by Jessica Lauren Salon

Tune into almost any CBS4 newscast and you are bound to see Kelly Werthmann. Kelly has been a reporter for CBS4 Denver since 2012. She began as a morning news anchor but now covers the evening news. Kelly is also a part of the CBS4 Sports team and provided coverage for the Super Bowl.

Last summer Kelly adopted her dog Penny from Maxfund No-Kill Animal Shelter in Denver. Kelly hadn’t planned on getting a dog, but the second she saw Penny on the shelter’s website she knew that she had to have her. Penny’s name was originally Sweet Pea. Ironically, this is what Kelly’s mom always calls her. She was a copper-colored pup that resembled a fox. Kelly decided to go down to the shelter to see her in person. She immediately fell in love with Penny and filled out an application to adopt her. Three days later, Penny went home with Kelly.

Penny loves being at home with Kelly but she also enjoys a good run. “With her mouth open and tongue hanging out, it’s like she’s smiling as she whips through the grass!” Kelly says. Penny can be shy at first but likes dogs and people alike. She enjoys going on trips to Home Depot with Kelly and her boyfriend. She has met a few other dogs there and the employees always greet her with a treat. Penny loves toys and has an endless amount of them at home. “That girl has all kinds of stuffed toys, squeaky things, and countless ropes to keep her busy,” Kelly states. Her favorite toy is an old, ratty duck. Kelly has tried to get rid of the toy but feels bad because Penny loves it so much.

Penny has had a great impact on Kelly’s life. “Penny is the start of my every day because she wakes up next to me, full of kisses and the urge to play. That helps me begin each day with a smile and positivity – sometimes hard to come by when you work in the news business. If I could bring Penny to work, I would. In the nearly two years I’ve worked as a reporter at CBS4 I’ve covered so many heartbreaking stories — like the deadly wildfires, destructive floods, the theater massacre, and so many horrific crimes. Penny is a joy I get to go home to every day, guaranteed to put the smile I started my day with back on my face. Whether it’s with endless kisses or simply curling up next to me, my Penny girl lets me know she’s always there for me, no questions asked. Penny is a great snuggler, which is sometimes just what I need at the end of a long day. I’ve seen those bumper stickers that say, “Who rescued who?” I know for a fact I didn’t rescue Penny, she has rescued me.”

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