Denver Offers Endless Opportunities to Get Outside with Your Dog

April 17, 2019 at 10:34 pm

The Denver Dog reports

Denver, Colorado, the “Mile High City” tagged as the “gateway to the Rockies”, provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog. Denver is home to numerous pet friendly out door spaces and venues, making it one of the nation’s best cities for animal lovers.


Settled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver boasts an almost endless list of activities for people who love to get out and explore with their dog. The area in and surrounding Denver is home to an abundance of hiking trails that will give dogs and their humans beautiful vistas in which to exercise and explore. Most of the trails are dog-friendly, some require dogs to be leashed while others allow free roaming. However, checking on the terrain and level of difficulty is always best before setting out on any adventure, as there are a few trails that require traversing rocks and boulders, or otherwise unsuitable surfaces not suitable for dog’s paws.


A popular and low intensity hike for pups is along the Highline Canal. This treelined path stretches over 60 miles through Denver, creating a perfect shady route to enjoy even in the middle of a hot sunny day. There are grassy areas in which to romp as well as various parks along the way, making this trail perfect for any dog day out. If you are looking for a hike with a variety of terrain and distance options, then the Maxwell Falls hike is a perfect choice for an outing with your dog. This hike has three options of one, three, and four-mile trails, with the longest brining you to Maxwell Falls. These waterfalls are some of the closest to Denver, just make sure you keep your furry friend safely leashed during your adventure.


However, sometimes dogs want to run free, romping and playing off of the leash. While most hiking trails have spaces for off leash adventures, it is always wise to keep your pup leashed while out in the woods. So, if your dog needs to be foot loose and fancy free for a bit, try heading downtown to the Railyard Dog Park.


This fenced one-acre park allows dogs to be off-leash, with separate areas designated for low and high energy pups. It’s shaded sandy play areas also have benches on which humans can relax and enjoy watching their dog frolic with its new found friends.


Denver is certainly home to many dog friendly outdoor venues that provide endless hours of fun and relaxation to be shared with our pups. The Denver Dog Magazine is the perfect source for all things relating to dog life in Denver. This magazine brings Denver area residents exciting ideas, news, tips and products that help create the best life possible for our beloved furry friends. In Denver, dogs can be dogs, which is exactly what we want them to be.