Coins for Canine Cancer

October 8, 2014 at 10:57 pm

loveaddsup_stickerBy Kelly Kaliszewski
Photos courtesy of Kelly Kaliszewski 

A penny saved, might be a penny earned, but thousands of pennies and coins can add up to advances in cancer care and make a dramatic difference in dogs’ lives.  That’s the message behind Wishcuit’s fundraising campaign, Coins For Canine Cancer.

Raising awareness about canine cancer became a huge part of my life when I lost my dog Cain to cancer in November 2009.   Cain was my heart dog and the love that we shared has been the inspiration behind many things, including my business Wishcuit which supports comparative oncology studies that are making considerable progress in the fight against cancer.  Comparative oncology is the study of cancer that naturally occurs in animals; and how it compares to human cancer in order to identify treatments and cures that can benefit both humans and animals.  I attend events across the country accompanied by my trusty assistants, Zoey and Eddie, and through sales of Wishcuit Love Adds Up stickers and magnets, we raise funds for clinical trial programs, while raising awareness about how to spot the signs of cancer in pet animals.  Additionally, Wishcuit hosts an annual fundraiser, Coins For Canine Cancer.

The idea behind Coins For Canine Cancer began when I came across a poem titled, ‘Pennies From Heaven’.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I was tossing around interesting ways to raise funds for cancer research, other than the typical walkathon or runathon.  The thought occurred to me to donate coins for every “like” Zoey and Wishcuit’s Facebook pages received throughout the month of November, which is National Pet Cancer Awareness month.  It seemed like a simple way to raise funds and just as importantly awareness, but what I didn’t anticipate took me by surprise.  What originated with a simple post on Facebook stating our intent, blossomed and grew tremendously within a few days with 60 Facebook pages asking if they could get involved in our fundraiser!   Pages were being  “liked” by the hundreds, and in some cases thousands, and those likes turned into dollars raised.  Our fans also came through with donations, and when it was all said and done nearly $5,000 was raised for the Colorado State University Foundation/One Cure Fund which benefits the clinical trials program at CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center.

November 2014 will mark Wishcuit’s 2nd annual Coins for Canine Cancer social media challenge, and along with our Facebook friends, we’re kicking it up a notch by partnering with retailers in the Denver area.  We’re looking forward to another successful campaign which will run November 1 – 30, 2014.

Each year thousands of pets are diagnosed with cancer, and while the word ‘cancer’ can strike fear into the hearts of those who hear it, there is so much more to be said.  A diagnosis of cancer was once considered a death sentence, but not anymore.  Pets are being treated effectively, and their lives are being prolonged.  In many cases dogs are beating this disease and winning the war against cancer.   Together we persevere and fight to win, replacing fear and dread with courage and strength, while research paves the way to a cure.

For those looking to contribute, or wanting to get involved through Facebook, additional information can be found at, or on Facebook at, Zoey Says Stick It To Canine Cancer.  There’s no time like now to begin looking under those couch cushions for loose change!