Be the Voice; Speak for Us! Lee’s Story

July 9, 2014 at 6:51 pm
Lee The One and Only

Lee The One and Only

By Lee, The One and Only’s Dad; Gary Daley

Lee, The One and Only’s scruffy little bark was the first thing you would hear when you walked in to the arena area at National Mill Dog Rescue and now on his Facebook page he encourages people to “Be the Voice” and speak for those can’t.

Every Tuesday on Lee, The One and Only’s Facebook page it’s “Give Back Tuesday” where Lee likes to encourage people to do something nice, whether it’s volunteering or donating at your local animal shelter to visiting a senior home. Even if it’s just sharing a post on Facebook about a dog that is available to foster or adopt, just “Give Back” somehow! Since Lee is 8 years young every Sunday is “Senior Sunday” and he post’s Senior aged dogs available for adoption and he features black furred dogs on “Black Furday”.

National Mill Dog Rescue has saved over 8,700 Dogs since 2008. NMDR saved Lee on July 12, 2013 during  Lola’s Legacy Rescue and on July 14th I met Lee. It was my first shift as a volunteer for National Mill Dog Rescue; it was Lee’s intake day. My niece took Lee thru that intake process. It was then Lee decided to adopt me.

On July 19th Lee spent his 8th birthday in freedom at Lily’s Haven. I went to the kennel several times after that and every time I would hear Lee’s scruffy little bark in the arena area as if he was calling me over so I would sit there with him. September 20, 2013 Lee adopted me and the next day Lee and I were attending an adoption fair educating people about puppy mills and “Being the Voice”!

Lee spent 8 years at a puppy mill fathering the puppies you see in pet stores across the country and buy online. He probably fathered over 700 babies before he was discarded by the breeder. Dogs in puppy mills are considered livestock meant only to make money.

Due to having to drink from a rabbit bottle and not being able to flush the bacteria out of his mouth he only had 14 teeth left, those were all bad so they were pulled when he was rescued. He has no teeth but that doesn’t stop him from munching on a dog biscuit or dry kibble with a little water in it. Lee is a puppy mill survivor. After 9 months of freedom Lee has adjusted well and everyday gets a little better. If you want to learn patience just foster or adopt a puppy mill survivor.

Follow Lee’s adventures on his page!