Puppy Stairs

Puppy Stairs lightweight pet steps and ramps help pets get on and off furniture safely. Available in colors and fabrics to match your decor, our pet ramps and pet stairs are made of high-density industrial foam so that the individual modular pieces are lightweight, durable, and have no hard edges. Because your pet can reach higher sofas and beds easily, Puppy Stairs reduce jumping, help prevent injuries, and promote healing. Many leading veterinarians recommend Puppy Stairs dog stairs and ramps for injured or elderly dogs.

Why Buy Puppy Stairs Dog Ramps and Steps?
Unlike many of our competitors’ products, Puppy Stairs pet ramps and stairs are crafted from the highest quality materials and are built to last for the life of your pet. Read more

Benefits of Puppy Stairs Pet Ramps and Stairs

* Dog steps and ramps reduce jumping
* Dog ramps help prevent injuries and promote healing
* Steps and ramps are easy to move – lightweight with no hard edges
* Steps and ramps are designed of high-density industrial foam
* Individual step and ramp pieces attach together with heavy-duty Velcro
* Covers are removable from dog step inside core and are machine-washable

As seen on Martha Stewart’s Petkeeping with Marc Marrone and the Christopher Lowell Show,
these easy-to-use, lightweight pet ramps and stairs help prevent joint and spinal injuries in dogs, cats and other small animals.

All of our pet ramps, pet steps and dog stairs help prevent injuries caused from jumping off furniture and help dogs prone to hip problems such as arthritis, joint and spinal problems, cancer, diabetes, and Cushing’s Disease. Puppy Stairs are indispensable to small breeds, puppies and elderly dogs.

Vets know that dog stairs and dog ramps can be a valuable, preventative pet health care tool for at-risk pets and an important healing and rehabilitative aid for elderly, injured or sick pets. If you have physical limitations of your own and should not be lifting your pet, you’ll particularly appreciate Puppy Stairs. Your pet will now have the means to get up or down without your help.

Puppy Stairs are available in a variety of sizes to and a selection of fabrics to accommodate your pet, budget and home décor. We began our company with Standard Line Pet Steps and Ramps; available in practical berber or navy and reasonably-priced, it is still our best-selling line and its many height options can accommodate most furniture. The Designer Line Pet Steps and Ramps are the same as the Standard Line, but the outer covers are stunning (and washable) ultrasuede and available in three elegant colors. The Large Standard Pet Steps and Ramps and Large Designer Pet Steps and Ramps are 4” wider and 4” taller than their smaller counterparts, and are useful for taller furniture (an extremely high bed, for example) or broader dogs. For the budget-conscious, the Calico Puppy Pet Steps and Ramps offer our well-made, sturdy pieces in a polyester fleece cover.

Each pet step and ramp component is made of tough, extra-firm industrial foam that absorbs shock. This rugged, durable material is strong enough to support the weight of a human adult and is built to endure the life of your pet. Our pet stair and ramp systems are lightweight, modular and easily assembled.