Pet Stairz

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PET STAIRS pet safety products helping your pets to new heights. We are the “original” foam pet step manufacturer. The stylish dog steps and cat steps enable your pets to navigate furniture, beds, vehicles and window sills with ease. By taking the PetStairz you will help to prevent back and neck injuries that can occur when pets jump to and from high places. Pet steps also help to reduce stress on their bones and gives you peace of mind. PetStairz Please note pets joints are surrounded by water, just like people. Each time they impact the joint from jumping they can erode the joint area which may lead to joint disorders and eventually arthritis. Low impact for joint longevity is our goal.

Available in six sizes for $69-$149 MSRP, Our superior quality foam pet stairs are lightweight, portable, can be utilized by small& medium sized breeds as well as Big DAWGs and Cats and are beneficial to all pets including dogs and cats with joint problems, aging issues, hip dysplasia arthritis and handicapped pets.

The high-density foam pet steps are flexible and portable. Each cat step or dog step is individually fabricated and bonded which helps to achieve maximum support for pet weight distribution.

PET STAIRS are shipped in faux beige (sherpa) shearling fabric and additional covers are sold separately. Check our covers page for our selection of additional machine washable and interchangeable covers. Dog ramps and pet ramps are also available. Not to be confused with the copy cat (knock off) products; doggy steps, companion stairs or Doctors Fosters and Smith. We are the original foam PetStairz!!!!