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For over 25 years Ideal Pet Products and the Perfect Pet brand have assisted pet owners by providing unique and sometimes ingenious ways of giving their pets interior and exterior access.

Allowing pets this freedom has many benefits. For the owner, not having to run home to let the pet out in time to prevent accidents can help reduce pet owning stress.

For the pet, it is widely believed that freedom to go out when needed or come in to avoid weather, heat or cold can have numerous health benefits including the reduction of urinary tract problems and separation anxiety. Also this freedom for the pet reduces boredom and the potential destructive behavior that boredom fosters.

Please browse through the various styles of pet access doors we provide to choose the one that best serves your specific needs. Then consult the chart to determine the correct size, and how to properly mount the pet door. Check the “where to buy” section for a dealer near you. Installation is easy by following the steps provided. And don’t hesitate to call our toll free customer service line for help.

For the smallest dog or cat to the largest 160 pound pet, Perfect Pet BY IDEAL has the right door.