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Mr. Herzhers Pet Residence Wicker Dog Crate

Mr Herzher’s Pet Residence is the ultimate in luxury, style and comfort. This beautifully designed dog crate is a true treat for your pet. Quality materials combine with excellent craftsmanship and gorgeous design to create the greatest portable dog crates anywhere! The Pet Residence is an indoor pet home that you won’t want to hide. A beautifully designed wicker dog crate, the Pet Residence is classy and stylish, yet fully functional.

The wicker style looks great in any home and is sure to complement your decor. Providing your dog with a comfortable home, and satisfying your dog’s natural instincts to relax in a den, this wicker dog crate is a great place for your dog to relax and release tension. High quality materials also make this a long-lasting crate that will stand up to wear and tear. Buy one today and your dog will thank you for years. All of our dog crates for sale are high quality and affordable.