Butch Pet Foods

    Juniper Distributing is the home of Butch Pet Foods: a 50 year old, two generation family owned pet food company from New Zealand. Butch is the original and premier semi-moist, fresh meat-based pet food roll manufacturer. No additives, no preservatives, no fillers; just fresh goodness!


    Juniper Distributing is the sole importer of Butch Pet Foods in the USA, providing direct sales and free delivery to your door. Juniper currently sells two products for dogs and cats:


    Hound Log Bar-B-Que

    Hound Log provides you with certainty that your pets are receiving high quality nutrition at an affordable price. Our cooking procedure locks in the flavors giving Hound Log that tantalizing taste your cat and dog will love. Ingredients include chicken, beef, fish, red seaweed, and coconut with added vitamins and minerals.


    Hound Log is nutritionally complete for both cats and dogs 1 Year +


    Black Label

    Butch Black Label is a high performance premium diet for maximum energy, strength and vitality. It is a delicious blend of fresh New Zealand beef, lamb, chicken and vegetables lightly cooked then enriched with Omega-3 and Kelp. Butch Black Label is scientifically formulated with all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your dog healthy and vibrant regardless of age.


    Nutritionally Complete for Puppies / Adults / Seniors