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Complete Digestive Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Bad breath, gas and intestinal discomfort are often caused by poor digestion, even with a healthy diet. OptaGest is a complete formula of 4 plant-based enzymes plus clinically-tested levels of FOS to start working fast. FOS is food for the “friendly” bacteria naturally present in dogs and beneficial to maintaining good health. OptaGest supports the natural balance that is sometimes upset by diet change, travel or separation, or the normal aging process. It has NO inactive ingredients or fillers that may upset sensitive systems. This natural formula supports intestinal balance and a healthy immune system to promote more comfortable, active and vibrant dogs.

What Makes OptaGest® Different?

* 4 Plant Enzymes PLUS Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) in clinically-tested levels
* NO fillers such as lactose or grain to cause further digestive upset
* Tasty, slightly sweet powder
* OptaGest® is a tasty, slightly sweet powder that pets enjoy.
* 100% Guaranteed.